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Dr Stewarts Clinic is an integrative medical practice, offering a diverse range of services and therapies,
in both conventional and functional medicine.

We have a wide range of IV therapies that we can provide, based on requirements.

Our Treatments

We have a wide range of therapies that we can provide,
based on individual requirements.

IV Vitamin C
IV Vitamin C Therapy can be used to help increase overall health by supplying the body with optimum doses, which bypasses gastric absorption issues, thus improving general well-being and potentially assisting in physical and mental performance, boosting the immune system and combating fatigue.

Myers' Cocktail IV Treatments
This treatment uses a combination of various vitamins and can help to boost the immune system and combat fatigue. It has become a popular treatment in recent years as patients find it improves their overall feeling of well being and is also now widely available in 'walk-in' clinic's around the country.

Intravenous Glutathione Treatments
As Gluthathione can react with other vitamins and diminish its potency, if administered in the same IV treatment, Dr Stewarts Clinic like to give this as a separate IV.

Heavy Metals Testing
We provide testing for heavy metals within the body which results in detailed laboratory reporting on loads, type etc.. There are at least 35 metals that are detrimental to human health, even in small quantities.

Chelation Therapy
Chelation Therapy is the removal of toxic heavy metals from the body. Sometimes this is needed after accidental exposure, poisoning or lifelong absorption through contaminated foods or water.
Dr Stewart is one of Europe's leading experts in this field.

Mercury Detoxification
One of the most toxic metals, we can treat and advise on Mercury Detoxification.

Intravenous NAD+
Availble on request

Patient Information

In order to provide accurate information in advance to patients, we are obliged to state here that at this point in time, that general medical consensus takes the position that there are limitations and a lack of evidence for the efficacy of Complementary therapies including IV treatments.

Our treatments are Adjunctive or Complementary Therapies.

Although the literature and clinical studies clearly show these treatments have excellent safety profiles, they are not to be considered ‘stand alone’ therapies.

They are additional components of multi-faceted comprehensive care that should include other treatments and lifestyle changes that support wellness.


They should be used in conjunction with continuing standard medical care and are in no way to be seen as a replacement treatment provided by your other medical practitioners.


We always advise that patients continue their other medical treatments also.

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