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Myers' Cocktail  IV Treatments

The Myers Cocktail IV uses a combination of various vitamins and can help to boost the immune system and combat fatigue.


These are administered in about 20 minutes and called after Baltimore physician Dr John Myers.

They are sometimes used as an additional therapy for a wide variety of conditions including Viral illnesses, Colds, Influenza, Skin rashes, Acne, Fatigue - where patients have felt they are beneficial, and sometimes for people who are just not feeling well.


There are variations, but a typical Myers cocktail would contain Vitamin C (Ascorbate) 2 to 5 gm, Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine),Vitamin B 12, Vitamin B complex ,Sodium Bicarbonate, calcium, Magnesium, and pantothenic acid.


Patients often respond quickly after 1 to 3 treatments. After that it can be followed by the more comprehensive protocol, or , those  people who do well may attend every so often just to receive this protocol. All nutrients are sourced from EU regulated facilities and protocols are well tolerated.

It has become a popular treatment in recent years as patients find it improves their overall feeling of well being and is also now widely
available in several other new '
walk-in' clinics around the country.


Meyers Protocol given IV over 15- 20 minutes

Vitamin C 2 to 5 grams

Vitamin B 6 100mg

Vitamin B12 1000/ml  2mls

Sodium Bicarbonate 8.4%

Calcium Gluconate 10%  1ml

Magnesium Chloride 2,000mgs

Panthothenic Acid 250mg

Sodium Chloride 0.45% carrier Solution

Cost €175

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