Meet  Dr Gabriel Stewart

Dr T.E.Gabriel Stewart M.B.B.CH. B.A.O. M.I.C.G.P. A.P.C.T. qualified as a medical doctor at University College Galway .

He spent over twenty years working as a GP in Canada where he first came across Chelation and IV therapy. A number of heart patients at his practice there, had experienced dramatic and successful results after travelling to the United States for Chelation and IV therapy.

Chelation Therapy is now widely used in Canada and the US. Dr Stewart was very impressed by having seen the very positive improvements in his patients and so he determined to investigate the treatment for the benefit of his other and future patients. 


So he visited US clinics and discovered qualified doctors with thousands of well documented case histories of dramatic improvement. In Los Angeles Dr Stewart completed a series of specialized courses in Chelation Therapy and IV Vitamin Therapy.

He passed the examinations set by the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) and became an accredited member of that organisation. ACAM is a US medical association which has established a protocol to maintain high standards of practice for Chelation therapy.

It is estimated that 800.000 IV EDTA treatments are administered every year in the US alone.

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Physicians are certified only after they have taken training courses, passed written and oral examinations and had supervised experience. In over thirty years and millions of chelations no significant adverse effects have ever been reported with I.V. EDTA Chelation given according to established protocol.


Convinced by what he had witnessed, of the potential of this treatment for thousands of people suffering from heart disease in Ireland, Dr Stewart returned to Dublin and opened his private Chelation clinic in November 2000.


Initially he operated in his private clinic on a part time basis, because he also then took up a position in the HSE as Chief Medical Officer, in the Mosney Asylum Seekers Centre, where he was responsible for the well being and the primary care medical needs of the residents, for many years, right up until last year.  


During that time, he was also instrumental in advising for many changes to improve the quality of life for the residents care, 

such as speaking to an Oireachtas committee, in advising for improvements on behalf of the residents, his patients. 


A few years ago he moved his private Clinic to Portlaoise  as this was decided to be a more central location that better served his patients from all over the country. Now retired from the HSE, Dr Stewart treats patients in his clinic 4 days a week.



Dr Stewart has over two decades of experience in administering IV Treatments, including vitamin therapies and Chelation.


He would be regarded as Ireland's, and also possibly the UK's most experienced doctor, in safely and effectively administering these therapies.


Many of his patients can and will, testify to the great benefits his treatments has given them, especially in relation to much improved Quality of Life,  and many times while getting other conventional treatments also, and you can read some of their testimonials on this site.  


Dr Stewart always endeavors to keep abreast of latest developments within this field, and regularly attends conferences all over the world,

meeting and sharing information with the increasing number of other doctors and specialists around the world also now in this field.


In recent years, some other doctors in Ireland are now becoming interested in learning more, because they have noticed how well their patients, who also attend Dr Stewart's Clinic for his adjunctive therapies have been doing.  Ironically, this situation is similar to how Dr Stewart first became aware of these therapies also, many years ago in Canada.


Because he has been receiving inquiries for advice from other physicians and consultants interested in learning to how to administer IV Treatments themselves, and  because of the various issues and safety protocols that need to be understood when administering these treatments, Dr Stewart is now considering using his long experience in these modalities of treatment to offer training courses for other medical and clinical practitioners, and passing on his depth of knowledge before he retires.


The two most overlooked tests in patients.


In the past, some of the treatments Dr Stewart provides have sometimes unfairly been written about as "controversial" by some media sources, which was extremely misguided, because there is a wealth of science and peer reviewed studies to validate and support them, and a long history of safe use around the world.


Dr Stewart strongly feels that good medicine should be about identifying and investigating all possible causes for illness, 

especially those that very often get overlooked in our modern era of so called "Evidence Based Medicine".


For this reason he is very concerned about two particular areas - heavy metal toxicity and also Hypovitaminosis C (very low vitamin C levels)


He says Heavy Metal Toxicity is an area that almost never gets checked for, in modern medicine, however countless studies, even more so in recent years, fully implicate heavy metals within our bodies in causing disease, and in particular - Cardiovascular and circulatory disease which is associated with Lead levels in the body.  (See the recent Lancet reports linked on this site.)


There are several pages of study links (hundreds) and government agency reports on this site that show that Ireland has problems with Lead.   


And the gold standard worldwide for removing Lead from the body, including in major hospitals, is IV EDTA Chelation Therapy. 

Also note: the WHO (World Health Organisation) declared  in August 2018 :  "There is no known level of lead exposure that is considered safe"



The other area Dr Stewart is very passionate about is IV Vitamin C. 

Both himself and his patients, have seen its great benefit for many health conditions, and also in its use as an adjunctive therapy in many illnesses.


While most of our blood marker levels are regularly checked when needed, one area that is again very often overlooked is Vitamin C levels.


Many patients who are quite ill will have very low Vitamin C levels, due to a number of factors, poor diet, perhaps even unable to eat, a compromised digestive system leading to poor absorption of foods, other medication side effects, underlying infections, various stages of disease burden in the body, and more.


All of these situations will create an increased metabolic demand for Vitamin C, and many people end up with critically low levels, which then adds to their health problems and greatly impacts their Quality of Life.  The best way to deal with this is through IV administration.


Even though IV Vitamin C has been administered all over the world for many years, there has been new and exciting news coming out about it every few months now for the last few years.  


Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) has over 50,000 peer reviewed studies, which have been completed over several decades.

They can easily be found, listed on PubMed, one of the most respected sources for medical research online.



Dr Stewart has always endeavored to provide his patients with the best opportunities to heal and regain good health.  


Dr Stewart will sometimes jokingly admit, that he did not get into medicine for financial gain, that if he did, he would have followed a very different path within medicine!


Dr Stewart is also currently writing a book which will be published in 2020





There is an enormous amount of peer reviewed, supporting research data now online in sites like PubMed.

There is also lots of information linked from this site, as a starting point to help people learn more.