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About Us

Dr Stewart's Clinic is an Integrative Medical Practice offering a diverse range of services in both conventional and functional medicine. Our aim is to get you well and we may help to achieve this by addressing the cause as well as treating the symptoms of an illness.

Meet Dr T E Gabriel Stewart M.B B.Ch B.A.O. M.I.C.G.P. A.P.C.T.

Dr Stewart qualified as a Medical Doctor in University College Galway. He spent over 20 years as a practicing Physician in Canada where he first came across Intravenous Therapies. He first noticed significant health improvements in some of his patients who had availed of these therapies elsewhere at that time. He then decided that he should learn more about these therapies and proceeded to become fully trained and qualified in administering them himself.


He is an accredited member of ACAM (The American College for Advancement in Medicine)

He is on the Editorial board of ISOM.

He gives lectures on IV therapies to Medical therapists both here and abroad.

Dr Stewart has over 2 decades of experience in administering IV therapies including Vitamin therapies and heavy metal detoxification with IV EDTA.


Dr Stewart returned to Ireland and in November 2000 and opened up his practice here.

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The Burden of Lead - Irish Medical Times article by Dr Stewart

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