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Current Oncology  - PMC5927785   published April 2018


Intravenous vitamin C in the supportive care of cancer patients: a review and rational approach

Over 250 Published Studies,

Documenting the Validity of IVC as a Adjunctive Cancer Care Modality  (PDF)

Papers on TACT

JAMA 27 March 2013:

Effect of Disodium EDTA Chelation Regimen on Cardiovascular Events in Patients With
Previous Myocardial Infarction: The TACT Randomized Trial

JAMA 27 March 2013:
Evaluation of the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT): the scientific process, peer
review, and editorial scrutiny.

New England Journal of Medicine, 24 April 2013:  (note: signup required)
NIH Trial of Chelation Therapy Yields Surprising Results chelation-therapy- yields-

Chelation Resources  ACAM

IV Vitamin C in the news

Chest Journal

Sepsis and IV Vitamin C

Sunday Times S.A.

Times of Malta

Sunday Times LK

Daily Mail

Other news articles on IV vitamin C



Other Vitamin C news stories - here,   here  and here

Sample group of IV Vitamin C Studies


​​​High-Dose Vitamin C PDQ®)—Patient Version - National ...

Expert-reviewed information summary about the use of high-dose vtamin C as a ... In a small study of 14 patients with advanced pancreatic cancer, IV ...​


​​Intravenously administered vitamin C as cancer therapy ...

Early clinical studies showed that high-dose vitamin C, given by intravenous and oral routes, may improve symptoms and prolong life in patients with ..


​​High-Dose Vitamin C (PDQ®)—Health Professional Version ...

The earliest experience of using high-dose vitamin C (intravenous [IV] and oral) for cancer treatment was by a Scottish surgeon, Ewan Cameron, and his ...

​​​Nutrition in Cancer Care (PDQ®)—Patient Version - National ...

See the PDQ summary on High-Dose Vitamin C for more information about the use of intravenous high-dose vitamin C as treatment ... PDQ Nutrition in Can ...


[PDF] Vitamin C Fact Sheet for Consumers - Office of Dietary ...

Vitamin C Fact Sheet for Consumers. ... dose intravenous vitamin C helps treat cancer in people. Vitamin Cdietary supplements and other antioxidants​


​​The Effect of Intravenous Vitamin C on Cancer- and ...

Introduction. High-dose intravenous (IV) vitamin C has been administered by physicians for many decades as a complementary and alternative therapy for …


From Pubmed 
search leads - "IV vitamin C and Cancer" and/or "ascorbate and cancer"


(sample quantity only - many more studies and articles are available by searching online)



More resources and and links to hundereds of published papers on vitamin therapy -

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additional  IV Vitamin C stories and articles vitamin c



Dr Stewarts Power Point Presentation on Chelation


Dr Stewarts Paper on Chelation. (Word doc.)

Over 250 Published Studies,

Documenting the Validity of IVC as a Adjunctive Cancer Care Modality  (PDF)


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