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Our aim is to get you well again, and we help achieve this by addressing the cause, as well as treating the symptoms of illness.

 Press Release  

30th January 2020

A statement from
Dr Stewart
in response to a recent news story reporting and online social media comments.

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In mid April of last year - 2019, the Irish Times newspaper reported on the exceptionally high levels of Lead in some areas in Ireland’s drinking water where it was stated that in some parts of the country, the levels were 15 times the legal limit !


It is extremely important to also acknowledge that there are significant and major health implications regarding this situation.

Read our Special Report here...

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Dr Stewart is also an accredited member of ACAM

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Dr T.E,Gabriel Stewart is Irelands leading doctor in heavy metal detoxification

Meet Dr Stewart

Dr T.E,Gabriel Stewart is Irelands leading doctor in Intravenous Vitamin Therapies.

Chelation Ireland has several IV vitamin treatments that we provide, based on the needs of the patient

Intravenous Vitamins
We have several IV vitamin treatments that we provide, based on the needs of the patient.

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Lead in Ireland

Learn about how we can be exposed to Lead in Ireland and how it can impact our health.


" I have been going to Dr Stewart for Vitamin C infusions since February 2018. I had been given between 6 to 12 months to live in January 2018, and I was desperate to find anything that would help to keep me alive.


I had carried out lots of research into complementary therapies such as Vitamin C, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy that I was convinced would help to prevent my cancer from spreading while I was waiting to get started on a clinical trial.

Since I started on Vitamin C I have had increased energy, a better quality of life with a get up and go that I haven't had since I was re-diagnosed. When I started on my immunotherapy treatment in April, I have continued with bi-monthly infusions.

The Vitamin C infusions have helped to offset the side effects of my treatment and to continue giving my general health and well being a much needed boost. 

I firmly believe that in the period when I was not on any treatment for my cancer, a period of about 14 weeks, the Vitamin C infusions helped to keep my cancer contained. 

I would highly recommend Vitamin C infusions for any cancer patient as an adjunct to their medical treatment, to offset side effects of treatment, particularly from chemotherapy, and also to give patients an energy boost and their immune systems a boost to help them fight off infection.

Dr Stewart and his team provide a warm, welcoming environment, where patients can relax in comfort and where patients will meet other like-minded individuals who are a great source of support to each other. 

I continue to attend for treatment on a weekly basis and will continue to do so while I am being treated for cancer. "

Vicky Phelan

January 2019

Special Notice - Irish Medical Times article

In a recent article that I wrote which was published by the Irish Medical Times, regarding the situation with Lead in Ireland and its relation to health conditions, the editorial team at the IMT added a bio for myself which contains some incorrect statements regarding the treatments I offer and also my location is incorrect.  This was an error on their behalf which will be addressed.


I would like to state quite clearly that I do not offer treatments such as the DAN protocol for Autism nor treatments for Yeast Syndrome. 

Nor indeed am I a Dublin based doctor.


At present I can only conclude that the editorial team added some very old and clearly outdated content they found online from when I had a practice in Dublin.

I did not get to see the final draft before publishing.


This website www.drstewartsclinic.com, contains details on all of the additional adjunctive medical treatments I currently offer.


We would like to apologize on behalf of the IMT editorial staff for any confusion this may have caused.

Dr Stewart.

see a copy of the corrected article here > The Burden of Lead Exposure

Dr Stewart is also an accredited member of ACAM

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