IV Vitamin C (IVC) and Cancer Care

Lecture from Dr Ron Hunninghake of the Riordan Clinic, explaining in detail the enormous value of IVC as an adjunctive treatment in the care of patients with cancer.

Latest News on IV Vitamin C

with Dr Ron Hunnighake of the Riordan Clinic, who specialize in IV Vitamin C Therapies.

The Riordan IVC Protocol

Presenter: Ron Hunninghake, M.D. - Riordan Clinic's own Dr. Ron Hunninghake served as the keynote speaker for the symposium. Dr. Hunninghake articulated the basic tenets of Riordan IVC Protocol that is now used worldwide in nutritional medicine circles for the adjunctive treatment of cancer. According to the Riordan protocol, "the cause of cancer [is the] failure to restore sustained cellular injury." With the Riordan IVC Protocol high-dose Vitamin C treatment side effects are uncommon, unlike traditional "toxic" chemotherapy treatments. This Protocol boosts immunity, slows the growth of the cancer, relieves pain and fatigue, and reduces many of the side effects of traditional cancer treatments.

How Chelation Works to Improve Circulation

Chelation is a medical treatment involving the infusion of a special amino acid called EDTA into the blood stream with the intent of removing harmful metals, such as lead, cadmium, and aluminum.

The NIH TACT Trial of Chelation Therapy: The Story Behind the Headlines

Many Ways Vitamin C Affects Cancer & Health

Dr. Riordan presents the latest research data regarding the effectiveness of vitamin C as a therapy for people with cancer and how it works in three ways.

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Vitamin C and Cancer

US based, Dr. Riordan shares what he has learned in 29 years of administering high dose vitamin C to people with cancer and viral ailments. Learn the latest in how nutrients affect gene expression.