Timeline of related recent news   (small selection)


It is quite noticeable that there is an East / West divide on this reporting in media.

February 2020  

China starts 3 trials for using IV Vitamin C as part of their protocol in the fight against Covid-19

March 1st 2020

China had started at least 3 different trials using IV Vitamin C within the treatment protocols in mid February. 
Such were the results, by March 1st an Expert Medical Consensus group quickly moved to make it part of their recommended protocol in Shanghai Hospitals - at the centre of the outbreak.

http://rs.yiigle.com/yufabiao/1183266.htm     (view with Google Chrome and choose ‘Translate’)


March 4th 2020

The protocol is published for all doctors across China to see and avail of in the China Medical Agency Journal. 

China -  MedSci Journal 


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March 5th 2020

From Official Shanghai Government website. This page is in Chinese and may take time to load.
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Comprehensive treatment highlights "Shanghai plan" refinement of the second critically ill patient discharged

(80 year old patient)

“The medical group conducted anticoagulation treatment and used Vitamin C in large doses.”



March 9th 2020

5 fold surge in demand for Vitamin C supplements in China.



March 9th 2020

An article appeared online that was widely syndicated and received a lot of coverage in western media.


This was apparently written by a professor in Aberdeen, and it would appear from reading the title that his intention was to 'debunk' vitamin C, however throughout the article he alluded to the positive aspects of vitamin c as an antiviral agent, and finally in the second last sentence (given his chosen title) made the bizarre statement 

"Even if intravenous vitamin C works to shorten or cure COVID-19, it will likely only be a stop-gap before therapies directed at the virus, such as vaccinations, take over."

It is an example of very confusing reporting on this issue, by someone with a lack of knowledge, both of current events and the actual medical protocols used.

And it is also a good example of the fact that advice on this should subject be sought from the Medical Physicians and research scientists who actually use IV Vitamin C, and perhaps not from those with doctorates in physics or unrelated pharmacology or other indeed other specialties.

March10th 2020

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China has now closed all temporary hospitals in the central city of Wuhan, the epicenter of a coronavirus outbreak, a news website backed by the Shanghai government, The Paper, said on its official Twitter account on Tuesday.

March 10th 2020

Demand for Liposomal Vitamin C Outpaces Hand Sanitizer as Coronavirus Spreads

PBS Newswire - https://finance.yahoo.com/news/demand-liposomal-vitamin-c-outpaces-123900611.html


March 12th 2020

Inspiring story of 103 year old woman who was successfully treated in just 6 days, reportedly with ‘nutrition therapy’ as featured in several online news sites.



March 13th 2020

Mayor of Manilla in the Philippines, Isko Moreno has set aside a budget for Vitamin C and B Complex for senior citizens, who are among the most vulnerable sector to the deadly coronavirus.



March 14th 2020

China’s rates of mortality attributed to the virus have been falling since about mid to late Feb, around the time that they first started using IV Vitamin C. Although we are still awaiting the final official Vitamin C trials results which are now are expected to be very positive, as their expert consensus has already endorsed its use in their ongoing treatment protocol in Shanghai, in part thanks to Dr Richard Cheng who is one of the team that worked with Chinese Officials and Hospital management to start using Vitamin C - both oral and IV.



March 16th 2020

Panic buying of immune products causes shortfalls; greater supply gaps loom in months ahead



March 17th 2020

US TV channel CBS features doctors' advice to use Vitamin C, D and Zinc to boost immune system.



March 17th 2020


Report from Dr Cheng who is in Shanghai, liaising with the medical teams.

Meeting of many doctors to discuss the use of IVC in Chinese hospitals to treat Covid-19, which was also attended by Dr Atsuo Yanagisawa and Dr Jean Drisko, who are colleagues of Dr Stewart.

Key guest was Dr. Enqiang Mao, a chief of emergency medicine department at Ruijing Hospital, a major hospital in Shanghai, affiliated with the Jiatong University of Medicine.

Dr Mao is a member of the Senior Expert Team at the Shanghai Public Health Center, where all Covid-10 patients have been treated.


Dr Mao also co-authored the Shanghai Expert Panel Consensus for the Treatment of Covid-19 infection, an official document endorsed by the Shanghai Medical Association and by the Shanghai government.

Key point - Dr Mao stated that his group had to date, treated over 50 moderate to severe cases of Covid-19 using high dose vitamin C in their protocol and that they had no mortalities.  


Over 50 out of 50 cases... and there were no side effects reported from any of the cases treated with high dose IVC.

He also offers additional practical advice for doctors when treating these patients in a hospital setting, and given his experience, this will be quite helpful to all other countries following after China on this difficult journey.

A full report is expected from him shortly.

March 22nd 2020

Lancet article - Covid-19

The Lancet is a very prestigious Medical Journal


"Rescue therapy with high dose Vitamin C can also be considered"


US TV News report on IVC being used in China.

US Epidemiologist interviewed,