A statement from Dr Gabriel Stewart in relation to recent news reporting and recent online attacks.    date: 30-01-2020

Due to the recent public reporting of my legal case for defamation against Dr Ciara Kelly and Newstalk and the resulting online postings and attacks on me and my treatments by certain social media accounts, I feel compelled to make this statement on my own website in the hope that it will clarify my position regarding some of what is being said about me and the treatments I offer and call out the lies and falsehoods that are now being circulated by a few people online. 


I am somewhat limited to what I can reveal in full at present as certain legal proceedings are about to commence, but it is my wish now that people are made aware of the levels of mistruths being put into the public domain, about me and the treatments I offer.


The Dr Ciara Kelly / Newstalk case.


The Sunday Business Post newspaper has now reported that I have reached a settlement in my action against Dr Ciara Kelly and Newstalk for defamation.  I do not intend to comment on this reporting as those matters are confidential, other than that some quotes in the article were applied out of context and there are factual errors in it also. 


The legal case arose because of comments made during Ciara Kelly’s live radio interview with Kate O’Connell TD in 2018, when discussing plans to bring in new legislation to regulate advertising treatments for cancer.


A full retraction and apology was published by Newstalk and they have, therefore, accepted that all of the comments concerning me were untrue.

I am now very close to retirement, having qualified as a Medical Doctor in the early 1970’s and having worked in a variety of areas within medicine throughout my career as a physician, including the military, and I intend to retire with my professional reputation fully intact.

It has sometimes been stated that I offer ‘controversial' treatments.


That is, in fact a very misleading statement.  The treatments I offer are well established in peer reviewed science, and are widely used and acknowledged all across the world.


They cover Heavy Metal Toxicity which is becoming a much more widely acknowledged health problem in recent years (see recent Metdetox conference) and also IV Vitamin C treatments, which are now widely used as an adjunctive therapy for a wide range of health conditions.


My website www.drstewartsclinic.com has extensive links to peer reviewed scientific papers on the treatments I offer, and I regularly update it. 


About Chelation.


It was during my tenure as a GP in Canada that I first came across Chelation Therapy for Heavy Metals, when some of my cardiac patients had traveled (unknown by me at first) to the US to have this treatment and they showed tremendous improvement.


Such was their improvement in health that I decided I should learn more about this therapy for myself, and so I traveled to the US to study it and to meet other practicing doctors.  I then trained and became qualified to provide this treatment for my other patients at the time.


In our modern world all of us are exposed to Heavy Metals from a variety of sources to varying degrees over time, and it is now very well documented in peer reviewed scientific papers that these can then become a factor in numerous health conditions.


In 2018, the prestigious Lancet, which publishes medical research articles, highlighted in two studies that Lead Toxicity is now recognized as an indicator in CVD.


Also in 2018 the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced that there are no safe minimum levels for Lead.


Chelation is the process of removing Heavy Metals which are highly toxic to the body.  These metals include Lead, (which recent reports in Ireland show to be very high in certain areas in our drinking water due to lead piping within older housing).  


I recently wrote an article for the Irish Medical Times called “The Burden of Lead Toxicity” concerning this issue in August 2019  (read it here)


Impacting levels of Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Chromium, Aluminum are also quite common.

There are approximately 23 Heavy Metals that we know are detrimental to our health when they become absorbed in elevated levels in the body, and Chelation is the worldwide standard for removing them safely. 


Chelation Therapy is administered via an IV line and it uses EDTA, which has been in use since the 1950s for treating Heavy Metal toxicity. 

EDTA is on the WHO Essential Medicines List and chelation therapy is a recognized medical treatment. 


It is not an ‘alternative’ treatment.

There is a lot of confusing misinformation about Chelation online, so I would refer people to peer reviewed studies, many of which I link to on my website - www.drstewartsclinic.com

Chelation Therapy has a high safety profile and it is even recommended by the CDC (Centre for Disease Control)  in response to the Flint, Michigan water crisis in the last number of years, even for children affected.

Around the year 2000, I decided to return to Ireland and subsequently took up a post with the HSE as the chief medical officer in the Mosney Direct Provision Centre, where I worked for many years serving as the medical officer providing medical services to asylum seekers and refugees until I retired from the HSE around 18 months ago.


Back in 2000 I also opened my private practice on a part-time basis to offer chelation therapy to Irish patients as, by that time, it was being widely used in Canada and the US and around the World since the 1950s, and it still is.


Chelation therapy has a very good safety record, when administered by a properly trained physician, and this has been shown in a major trial in 2013 which found that safety was not an issue.


Chelation as a process, is actually used a lot in medicine, perhaps sometimes even unknowingly by many physicians, e.g. it is is one of the key methods of action in a range of widely used antibiotics called tetracyclines.


I use IV Chelation Therapy in adults only, to treat Heavy Metal toxicity and its health consequences, and not for any specific medical condition, however removing toxic metals can help to alleviate many health conditions by reducing known risk factors.


I had also trained in administering IV vitamin treatments and so I also offered that for Irish patients as an adjunctive therapy also.


Campaigner making false statements and ‘complaints’


Earlier this week, after the publication of The Sunday Business Post article, a well known online campaigner yet again published false allegations saying that I treat autistic children with IV Chelation Therapy.  

This campaigner, for reasons known only to themselves, has a history of leading attacks on me and on Chelation in general and writing false and defamatory material about me and my treatments.

This campaigner has even made a complaint to the IMC about me, which was of course responded to, investigated by them and subsequently correctly rejected by the IMC as there was and is absolutely no evidence or grounding in the utterly false allegations that were made in it. 

Such has been this campaigners efforts to attack and discredit both Chelation and my professional reputation that they have even at one point falsely tried to link me personally to a substance known as MMS, which to their own credit, is now banned in Ireland.

However, I have no knowledge whatsoever of MMS and its supposed use as a treatment and, as such, would never recommend such a treatment to anyone.


This campaigner has persistently called Chelation in general ‘quackery’ which, as an internationally accepted medical procedure for heavy metal toxicity, it is clearly not the case, and in doing so, they are also damaging my professional reputation.

They are also doing a great disservice to the people of Ireland, when we quite clearly have serious issues with heavy metal toxicity and its related health problems, for which Chelation is an internationally recognized medical treatment, and I have been trying to highlight this serious health issue for some time.​

As shown even in recent news - (29-01-2020)



It would appear that this campaigner has also been working hard to mislead many other well intentioned  people including press publications, in their efforts to influence others in relation to my reputation and their own personal views on my treatments.

Autism and allegations.


Let me be quite clear about this, in light of what has been falsely stated recently online in social media: 







I have never advised the use of EDTA Chelation for Autism and have, in fact consistently advised against it, and I am even on the record as saying this as far back as 2005, in an article the Irish Medical News.


In it I state that IV EDTA chelation has no role to play in autism, which I have consistently maintained at all times.


Therefore, any allegations about me online alleging that I treat Autistic children with IV EDTA Chelation are totally and utterly false, and legal proceedings concerning same are imminent.


In Conclusion:

Legal Proceedings will now be issued and served to vindicate my good name and reputation in the face of the many falsehoods that have been published.

Finally, as I made clear, at the commencement of this statement, I fully intend to have the truth exposed.  


For the sake of my clinical team, and my past, current and future patients, and to maintain my professional reputation now and when I retire, I believe it is of the utmost importance that the truth prevails here and I will take all necessary steps to do so. 


Dr Gabriel Stewart