Cost of Intravenous Treatments


Please Note:  All Prices are in Euro.

Some prices may vary, depending on Patient needs.

Initial Consultation                                            €200


Chelation Therapy  (EDTA IV Drip)    € 250


Vitamin C IV Drip (25 grams)              € 250

Vitamin C IV Drip (50 grams)              € 275


Vitamin C IV Drip (75 grams)              € 300


Vitamin C IV Drip (100 grams)            € 325


Myer's Cocktail  (IV Vitamin Booster) € 175


IV Glutathione                                     € 175






A note about our Prices.


Although vitamin c for oral ingestion is relatively cheap, Vitamin C for intravenous use, is much more expensive.


Dr Stewart's clinic only uses the best quality products, and only those which are in compliance with the relevant regulatory authorities.


Sadly for our patients, is the fact that even though Vitamin C for IV use, is manufactured in the west of Ireland, it cannot be purchased directly from source, as it has to be processed through several agencies following EU guidelines, which greatly inflates the price to us. Due to these necessary regulations we have no control over product prices or price increases.


To some, our costs may seem to appear expensive, however it should also be pointed out, that we always endeavor to keep our prices at the most affordable rates, and the cost for our IV infusions is not just for the products themselves.


It also has to factor in the following:

  • IV nurse,

  • Secretary,

  • Premises and overheads,

  • Insurance,

  • 3 hours of on-site medical supervision by Dr Stewart during your treatments,

  • Intravenous vitamins supplies and the associated individual patient treatment items, saline bags, IV lines, cannula's etc.

Due to the required visit time for each patient, (an IV treatment can last 2 to 3 hours), Dr Stewart's clinic only books in a small and limited number of patients per day.


Based on his vast experience, and all of the scientific data,  Dr Stewart passionately believes in the value of these adjunctive treatments for his patients and the need for them to be available to patients in Ireland.

He has never sought to make them a profit centered service, therefore, for the benefit of his patients, all costs are kept to a minimum, as he has seen the positive results for patients in improved quality of life and his patients can and will attest to this.