Dr Stewarts Clinic regularly liases with Nutritionists around the country, and treats many patients, working in tandem.


In order to save patients additional travelling to visit the Clinic for Nutritional advice and monitoring, Dr Stewarts Clinic is now seeking to establish a nationwide network of Partner Nutritionists, to whom he can refer patients to, based on the patient's proximity.

If you are a qualified Nutritionist, currently in practice, working in either the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland,

Dr Stewarts Clinic would like to hear from you.

Please contact us with your details, and we can advise our Patients from your area, of your practice,
and add your details to  our site.

Tralee, Co.Kerry

Anne Darcy refers some of her patients to Dr Stewarts Clinic for additional treatments

Anne Darcy is a naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and homeopath who specializes in the complementary treatment of illness.

Anne received her Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy in Sydney, Australia and developed “In Golden Health” in Sydney and nitrated practice bringing many methods of healing together

Returning home to Ireland in 2007, Anne uses many techniques in her treatment, to return each individual to life free of illness.


Anne believes that the “The Key to the Brain is in the Gut” and that correcting dysfunction in the Digestive System opens the pathway to restoring Physical and Mental Health.


Anne is operating from the All Therapy Centre in Tralee, County Kerry.

A consultation with Ann involves:

• A detailed case history is taken to identify the source to the presenting symptoms.

• Evaluation of digestive, immune and nervous system health and how it links to symptoms of inflammation from which most illness begins.


• A detailed look at diet, eating habits and lifestyle to assess nutritional deficiencies and possible environmental toxicity.

• Digestive and gut Dysfunction, bacterial and fungal overgrowth identified and treated.

• Various tests may be ordered if necessary to identify particular issues, e.g. food allergy testing, heavy metal testing, testing for gluten and casein opiates
(which are common reasons for constipation and sluggishness).

Dr Stewart is also an accredited member of ACAM

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