Irish Medical Times - November 2021

Trials show vitamin C works for Covid
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Article featured in the Irish Medical Times in November 2021

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Deficiency of vitamin C is a symptom of Covid

A review of 12 studies, including five randomised controlled trials, has been published in the journal Life, finding that vitamin C is effective at treating Covid-19.

The studies show that Covid patients have depleted vitamin C levels, often to the level found in scurvy, and need substantial doses to recover and survive.


The reviews show that ‘intravenous vitamin C may improve oxygenation parameters, reduce inflammatory markers, decrease days in hospital and reduce mortality, particularly in the more severely ill patients.’

What is remarkable about vitamin C, the authors say, is that it is both an antioxidant, an anti-viral, as well as an anti-inflammatory.


Not one adverse event was reported in any published vitamin C clinical trials in Covid-19 patients. It was also found that high doses of vitamin C tablets upon infection may also keep people out of hospital through increasing their rate of recovery.


In one study vitamin C levels predicted who would or wouldn’t survive.

Plasma concentrations of vitamin C were reported to be very low in 70-80% of Covid patients. What is clear is that several grams, not just a glass of orange juice, are needed to correct vitamin C deficiency.

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Please Note: Dr Stewart does not treat covid patients. This article is presented here for information purposes only.